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Media Management

What do we offer?

INDX provides management service for your digital advertising campaigns across PPC, Paid Social, Display and Video channels including:

  • Initial planning and forecasting

  • Campaign structural set-up

  • Campaign management and optimisation

  • Insights mining and surfacing 

  • Regular reporting and dashboards

  • On-going discussion on strategy shift

Our service is truly end-to-end and offers what you need to continue driving value for your business.


  • Industry professional standard: our media management service is designed and managed by our industry senior leaders who have years of first-hand campaign management experience across commerce, automotive, FMCG, fintech brands

  • Trialled and tested: we don't simply follow the general best practice that is designed to the lowest denominator. We adapt the best practice and tailor it based on the results from years of campaigns we have managed. The processes, optimisation methods and materials we have created remain to be the best practice employed in the industry. This truly reflects the quality of our practice and its ability to stand against the test of time. 

  • INDX way: we believe in efficiency and accessibility. This mentality is embedded within the way we do things. We don’t cut corners, but we do constantly strive for a more effective way of interacting with our clients and managing our campaigns. Only by doing so we can continuously provide value to our clients and achieve what we set out to achieve with INDX at the first place. 

How do we charge for our service?

Our pricing is transparent and agreed out front. We design our package based upon your business and campaign objective, from which we assess your campaign complexity and the level of service required. Our aim is to offer a sustainable commercial while you scale your business. Get in touch now and find out how we can help.

We genuinely care

We believe in our expertise and the high standard services we are really proud of associating our names with. This said, what really separates us apart from others is that we genuinely really care. You will notice little use of fancy wording, jargons and pretentious communications that really don't help your business. We are a humble bunch and believe that the best service we can provide is driving value for your business. We would love to hear from you and work with you!

Effective Digital Marketing,

Sustainable Results,

For Your Business.

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