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Digital Training

What do we offer?

Alternative to the media management service we provide at INDX, we also help our clients up-skilling their team on digital media buying. This is perfect for some of our clients who want to internalise this expertise given their specific needs. Our training covers below areas and their corresponding practice and tech platforms that will equip you with practical knowledge in running your own paid media campaigns:

  • Paid social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest)

  • Paid search PPC (Keywords research, Adwords)

  • Display & video (Adwords)

  • Display & video (Enterprise platforms such as DV360, The Trade Desk, etc.)


  • Industry professional standard: our training packages and service process are handcrafted by our industry senior leaders who have years of first-hand campaign management experience 

  • Hands-on training: our training doesn’t only show you the basics, it takes you through the process step by step with actual campaign running exercise. From our experience, this is the best way to learn, and more importantly this will equip you with the knowledge that can stand against the test of time (given the constant change in the platform and their features)

  • Prioritisation: our practical experience is accumulated through years of managing a very large and diversified client portfolio. It has equipped us with the knowledge of navigating the ever expanding platform features and metrics. We focus on the areas that matter the most to your specific business nature. It also effectively allows us to help you identify, optimise and improve your campaigns and processes that will yield the best results with the resources you have.

  • We train the trainers: our experts are senior leaders from agencies who have built and managed teams of experts who excel in such practice. The processes, optimisation methods and materials we have created remain to be the best practice employed in the industry. 

How do we charge for our service?

Our pricing is transparent and agreed out front. It's a one-off fee depending on the type of training and the number of participants. We offer optional on-going support to ensure your business continues to stay ahead of your competition. Get in touch now and find out how we can help.

We genuinely care

We believe in our expertise and the high standard services we are really proud of associating our names with. This said, what really separates us apart from others is that we genuinely really care. You will notice little use of fancy wording, jargons and pretentious communications that really don't help your business. We are a humble bunch and believe that the best service we can provide is driving value for your business. We would love to hear from you and work with you!

Effective Digital Marketing,

Sustainable Results,

For Your Business.

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