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FMCG / Healthy Drink Brand


  • Built and launched 20+ country dashboards in 2.5 months

  • Fully automated, tailored to country specific metrics with custom categorisation

  • Dashboards addressing both senior stakeholder and operation teams' needs

Background: an established brand with cross-country insight needs 

A well-established healthy drink brand spanned across most European countries, with a large amount of paid media spend (specifically in paid search) looking to further capitalise on its position and adapt its PPC strategy according to its performance, competition, seasonality and strategic needs. 

Brand challenges: multi-market roll-out addressing both senior stakeholders' needs for decision making and operations team for optimisation 

With the operation active across multiple countries and teams, the brand was in need of insight that will allow senior stakeholders to monitor and take decision in its budget allocation across markets, which was proven challenging without a consistent measurement across the board and a centralised reporting. At the same time, ongoing reporting needs were becoming taxing to the team. 

Solutions: a multi-page, fully automated, cross-market reporting dashboard 

INDX was brought in to advise and build a fully automated report that connect with the team's bidding tool directly. INDX worked closely with the operations team as well as the key stakeholders to understand the precise needs and scoped out the visualisation and usage. This captured a clear vision that allowed the brand to provide early stage feedback, which streamlined and accelerated the dashboard build. 

The dashboard featured multiple pages with a summary page that provide high-level insight focusing on budget allocation across markets and strategic product categories, along with the key metrics. Delving into the additional 5 pages, organised by insight across 1) campaign overview, 2) auction insight, 3) keyword/search insight, 4) Quality score as well as some additional country specific requirements.  

The project spanned across 2.4 months, a number of weekly sessions for on-going feedbacks, with a delivery that is built under the brand's login credential, allowing the deployment for usage from the get-go. 

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