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Genkisan eCommerce


  • Built and launched paid search advertising (PPC) campaigns 

  • Achieved 350% monthly growth in traffic for the new site launch

  • Generated 10+ ROI with highly targeted paid strategy 

  • Improved online credibility that increased conversion rate by 40%

Background: a new passion-led collectibles eCommerce brand  

Genkisan was a newly launched eCommerce website that offers passionate anime fans curated figures and accessories. Capitalising on the growing trend of anime fandom in UK and Europe, Genkisan was the one-stop shop for fans to find the latest and officially licensed products. 

Brand challenges: unestablished brand reputation and highly commoditised marketplace

Given the nature of the sector saturated with unlicensed products, Genkisan faced a massive challenge of building a reputation online that is sufficiently credible and leads to sales. The challenge was compounded by other eCommerce shops who are more established and offer similar products at a very similar price point.

Strategy: bottom-up media investment that drives sales and builds credibility

INDX was brought in to advise on the strategy that would allow Genkisan to best allocate their resources/budget and maximise its return. Given the unique challenges, INDX identified and prioritised two objectives: brand building and driving sales.

We knew the only way to build a 'credible' brand in such context is to leverage consumer endorsement through their positive experience. Highly effective paid media was needed to drive that initial interaction. INDX built a bottom-up media strategy based upon an extensive keyword research, which allowed Genkisan to focus on the audience with highest intent to purchase. We built a paid search advertising campaign that capitalised on this intent and maximised the traffic and sales volume in a short space of time. 

INDX case study - Genkisan shop front-mi


Upon confirmation of each product delivery, INDX built on top of an automated email campaign that encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on site such as Trustpilot. This gradually gained more traction for the brand and in turns built more credibility with the reviews being featured on site.

INDX case study- Genkisan review SERP

With the combination of the reviews and continuous high-intent traffic, the brand started to take notice of the positive impact it had on the conversion rate.


Despite the resource constraint, the bottom-up and highly targeted media approach not only saw an immediate impact on the traffic volume increase, it also allowed the cost-per-lead to be driven down over time. This led to a cumulative improvement in traffic volume by 350%. The quality of the traffic was also proven to be very high where Genkisan saw a 10+ ROI on the media invested.

Our strategy was also able to go beyond the short term sales uplift and drove the brand's credibility. During the initial few months of the test, the brand also saw a strong halo effect on their organic traffic, benefiting from an improved conversion rate by 40%.

Effective Digital Marketing,

Sustainable Results,

For Your Business.

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