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EUSEBIO Sporting


  • Launched direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering in 3 months

  • Achieved £100k sales in the first year and 40%+ growth YoY

Background: extending beyond B2B with B2C

Eusebio is a very established manufacturer that has been supplying outdoor gears to the most renowned brands and distributors globally for over 30 years. With its years of expertise and global footprint, Eusebio wanted to tap into its advantage and build a direct-to-consumer brand. This will allow the brand to continue its great manufacturing partnership and diversify beyond its current B2B proposition.

Brand challenges: a highly saturated and competitive landscape

Outdoor product category is extremely competitive. Not only the competition is high among brands, the category as a whole is also facing increasing substitution challenges from consumer perception and market trend. Building a brand in such context can be extremely challenging, time-consuming and costly. 

Strategy: fast route to market, capitalising on strong consumer intent

Based on the consumer analysis, INDX advised Eusebio on its market-go-to strategy and decided on taking advantage of T-mall's established direct-to-consumer platforms, its premium positioning and vast volume of traffic. Strategically this provides Eusebio its brand a fast route to market, eliminating the need for setting up consumer direct logistic solutions, and most importantly, gathering feedbacks on its portfolio of products.

INDX case study - Eusebio Tmall shop-min

In order to generate the brand awareness and achieve material impact on sales in  short space of time, INDX also supported managing targeted media on site that capitalised on strong purchasing intent. This had proven to be incredibly valuable at the early stage of the brand development. 


From strategising to launch, the entire process took just under 3 months. The campaigns had instant traction with the support from on-site media. The sales continued gaining traction for the following months and reached £100K+ for the first year. During the period, Eusebio amassed valuable consumer feedbacks on their products. This has allowed the brand to gradually build an organic following and established its reputation in a highly competitive context.

Effective Digital Marketing,

Sustainable Results,

For Your Business.

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